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Lei Chic“You are so Américain,” your sister said in a fake-French accent, adopted after three months at her company’s Paris office. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

You’d been laughing at the pretentious way she was calling Folgers “café au lait.” Making fun of things fussy and French was fun. Why do they have to make everything so difficile, anyway?

Then, she opened the box of macarons. Like a rainbow of pastel puffs, they beckoned to you from the box. You fell in love at first bite: how deceptively light it was, how the delicate meringue shell hid a chewy center and how a decadent smear of cream filling held it all together.

In flavors like pistacio, guava, matcha green tea, and caramel with Hawaiian salt, they’ve totally rocked your top slot as most crave-worthy sweet snack. (Sorry, cupcakes.)

Only a handful of places carry them, because they’re so hard to make. But they're set to become the new cool treat du jour. But now you know before tout le monde catches on.

So let's just keep that secret entre nous.

You can feed your new macaron addiction at Honolulu Coffee Company and Pacific Place Tea Garden at Ala Moana Center. Patisserie La Palme D’Or makes macarons for special order in batches of 20 or more, call 808.941.6161.

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