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It’s back to the Monday grind this morning – but after a long weekend of working overtime to finish projects on deadline, it might as well be a Wednesday.

Avoiding the pinkslip party (one soiree you’d rather not be invited to) means you’re working all the time – and toting your laptop everywhere.

But your laptop bag is a case study for the office drab look. Try one of these cool carriers instead:

Super-sleek InCase products are designed in part by a Kailua boy, and are customized to fit Macs, but check the dimensions – your PC will probably fit too. Online at and at Apple stores at Ala Moana Center and Kahala Mall.

Limited-edition neoprene sleeves from Australia’s Tropical Howie evoke your favorite non-work spots with styles in beach sand textured fabric, towel-like terrycloth, and even lycra swimwear. Online at

Neoprene gets a super-functional treatment at BuiltNY, where the durable wetsuit fabric is made into laptop backpacks, cargo-pocketed sleeves, and even specialized carriers for chargers. Online at

Ultra-luxe Calder Originals cases are hand-made with Swedish leather, lined with silk velvet and built with carbon fiber and high-grade foam that provides super-strength armor around your computer. The cases are made one-by-one, take 35 hours to construct, and cost roughly the same as an Hermès handbag. Online at

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