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On Guard


Lei Chic You tend to make rash decisions.

Like when you were 10 and decided the neighbor's dog needed a haircut. Or when you were in college and got a donkey tattoo on your butt (it was supposed to be ironic.)

Or in January, when you signed up for the Honolulu Marathon to force yourself to get in shape. You haven't started training yet.

Yeah, you might want to keep this handy...

Introducing Naked Surf, a liquid rash guard by Locean Labs. Founder Chris Akin took up surfing 12 years ago when he moved from New York to Hawaii, but constant board rash rubbed him the wrong way. He didn't want to wear a rash guard, so he teamed up with a Chinese herbal expert and professional formulator to develop his own solution. The result - a creamy lotion filled with yummy, good-for-you ingredients, like willowherb, kukui oil and aloe, meant to ease the pain of a rough workout session.

Here's what you do: Apply a dime-sized amount of Naked Surf on areas prone to chafing. Wait five minutes. Enjoy its refreshing minty smell and slight tingly sensation (that's the menthol and spearmint oil doing their thing). Then, get going. Whether you're surfing, running, or even biking, Akin says you'll be able to do it longer and more frequently with less irritation.

Many local surfers, lifeguards and paddlers are already fans, while our testers had mixed reviews - one said it worked but was slippery, another said it wore off after an hour. Our advice? Try it for yourself. We'll even hook you up with a free sample.

So you won't have to worry about getting a raw deal.

Now that's a sight for sore thighs.

Get a free sample of Locean Labs Naked Surf Liquid Rash Guard by emailing info@loceanlabs.com. One bottle costs $19 for 2.3 fl. oz. For more information, visit Locean Labs' website.

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