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Built to Sail


Lei Chic It's summertime, which means you and your friends are about to embark on the best vacation ever.

There's just one problem. You can't agree on what to do.

One of you is setting a course for the open seas; another wants to load up a few packmules and hike remote mountainsides; the third is perfectly happy staying put and looking cute...

We won't say which one you voted for. But we will say this: We found a way to satisfy all three of you. Sort of.

Introducing Majestic Mule's upcycled clutches, handmade right here in Hawaii. Each clutch is sewn out of salvaged fabric and textile remnants, like discarded scraps from the production of aloha shirts and muumuu, or real sail canvas in striking blues, greens and yellows. Some even feature the sails' original numbers transformed into abstract designs; look closely and you'll see that those squiggles actually form the edge of an "8" or a "5."

Lei Chic Then there's the name, Majestic Mule, chosen to honor an animal that is industrious, strong and used to carrying heavy loads (or in this case, your daily essentials). It also carries the message that being eco-conscious and turning unwanted items into beautiful creations can be, well, Majestic.

Best of all, these clutches are cute. Really cute. And their angular shape means they can hold a lot, which will come in handy whether you're out on the town, traversing a cliff, or even, steering a sailboat.

We can't believe we didn't think of this schooner.

$50, Majestic Mule clutches, available online, at Super Citizen in Kahala Mall, and Global Creations, 66-079 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa.

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