Family Guy


We’re not lost.

You think I’m made of money?

The lawn’s not going to mow itself.

Dad is always brimming with gems of wisdom. This Sunday, show the man some love with these gift ideas, inspired by classic Dad-isms. Which one will be best for your Pop? Oh, go ask your mother.

Lei Chic“When I Was Your Age…”
Yeah, Dad, we know. You walked to school barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways. Let him put all those favorite memories, quotes and thoughts into writing with this journal for Dads from SoHa living. It’s sure to become a keepsake to pass down for generations, and Dad will get to relive his youth – which was much harder than yours, mind you. You kids don’t know how easy you have it.

Lei Chic

“You Will Eat It And You Will Like It.”
Help the King of the Grill fire up his hibachi with a cool barbeque accessory, like this vertical chicken roaster . You can also hook him up with the Hawai‘i Tailgate Cookbook , which is full of grilling secrets from local chefs. If he doesn’t feel like cooking (it is his day, after all), treat him to a steak dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Ala Moana Center – they’re offering a special Father’s Day menu including a starter, steak entrée, side and dessert for $65. Make sure he cleans his plate.

Lei Chic

“Because I Said So, That’s Why”
Father knows best, of course, and he’s not shy about tapping into his infinite fountain of wondrous information, which is why he’ll love the Instant Knowledge handbook from Mental Floss. It’s full of smarty-pants tidbits and obscure fun facts. Just like Dad is.

Lei Chic

“You Kids Don’t Know What Real Music Is”
Even if your Dad can barely fumble his way around an iPod, you still need to drag him into the 21st century. This Denon turntable will let him convert all of his old records into MP3 digital tracks, so he can easily save backup versions of his favorite albums. Then you can tell him to turn down all that racket.

Lei Chic

“If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff, Would You Do That Too?”
Dad always put the kibosh on your risky business, but he’s actually still a thrill-seeking kid at heart, too. Let him live out his boyhood dreams of adventure with a flying lesson from Flight School Hawaii. The Discovery Flight option lets anyone hop aboard and actually fly a plane for half an hour (alongside a professional, of course). He can also take to the skies with Paradise Air – he’ll soar over Oahu in an Ultralight, which is like a hang glider with an engine. Or he could get up close and personal with sharks, with a cage dive session from Hawaii Shark Encounters. If he’s more of a landlubber, get him an ATV tour at Kualoa Ranch. Because a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Lei Chic

“I Wasn’t Asleep. I Was Just Resting My Eyes.”
Dad’s already pretty good at maxin’ and relaxin’, but let him unwind like a pro in a Fatboy bean chair . If he needs a cold one, no need for him to get up – this remote-controlled, traveling cooler can deliver the beer right to his side. Then hand him a stogie from Kauai Cigar Company , and Dad will be cruising down Easy Street. Just don’t make him turn this car around.

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