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My Hero


 In this episode of Kikaida, (cue soundtrack: Jiro… changeee… Kikaida) the human-like Jiro transforms into his powerful alter ego Kikaida to fight for justice and battle another of evil Professor Gil’s surprisingly similar-looking minions.

Fast-forward from the ‘70s though, and 2008 needs a new idol. Like beautiful but chronically single Jennifer Hunter who secretly becomes Ashlyn, a fidelity inspector battling cheating men who all look alike on the inside – unfaithful. In Jessica Brody’s debut novel “The Fidelity Files,” Ashlyn morphs into each man’s fantasy – whether football-mad flight attendant, savvy poker player, or naïve business traveler. Then she tests them for the intention to cheat, ensuring that her client’s mate does all the propositioning until it’s clear he would’ve had sex with her, but escapes before things go all the way.

The plot remains irresistible as a succession of men fail (frighteningly common) or pass (dumbfoundingly rare), and the titillating tension only increases as Jennifer struggles to keep her identity a secret from friends and the world, and somehow finds time to fall in love.

That is, until one last assignment (Jennifer…changeee…Go, go go go!) alters her position on love and relationships for good.

It’s one superpower every girl wants.
And the superhero every modern girl needs.

Available at Amazon.com or your local bookseller.

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