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Know Your Joe


www.leichic.comIf the only thing you know about coffee is you like it, it’s high time you brushed up on your coffee know-how with this little quiz (especially since Hawai‘i is the only commercial coffee producer in the nation).

Then, get in-depth knowledge in the handy new (and first-of-its-kind) local coffee guide. “The Hawai‘i Coffee Book: A Gourmet’s Guide from Kona to Kaua‘i” features island-by-island farm and tour listings, information on roasting, brewing, and coffee culture, tasting tips, Hawaiian coffee recipes, and more.


Calling All Coffee Addicts

1. Espresso is:
Necessary to get through the day
b) A type of coffee
c) A piece of coffee equipment
d) A method of making coffee

2. The best way to grind beans is with:
Your teeth
b) Burr grinder
c) Blade grinder
d) The machine at Safeway

3. You should keep coffee beans/grounds around no longer than:
It takes to drink it
b) One week
c) 2 or 3 weeks
d) One year

4. Store coffee beans/grounds in:
If possible, don't do it
b) Airtight container
c) a & b
d) Freezer

5. Coffee dehydrates you:
b) False

6. By law, to be called Kona coffee, it must have what percentage of Kona beans?
b) 50%
c) 100%
d) none of the above

7. An estate coffee is:
Owned by a person, from orchard to roaster to consumer
b) Grown on a 1 to 5 acre farm
c) Consumed at a wealthy person’s residence
d) Considered best quality

8. What major Hawaiian Island has no commercial coffee farms?
b) Kaho‘olawe and Lana‘i
c) Kaua‘i, Kaho‘olawe and Lana‘i

The Hawai‘i Coffee Book is available online at www.bookshawaii.net

Input the code LEICHIC at checkout on the site  to get free shipping on your entire order.

Then sip and learn.

ANSWERS: 1: d, 2: b, 3: c, 4: c, 5: b, 6: a, 7: a, 8: b

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