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Beauty Math 101:

One $150 haircut (blowdry costs extra)


a spa pedicure (foot scrub for an additional fee)


50-minute facial (12 minutes spent alone waiting for the mask to soak in)


150355012.66666 moments of disappointment from not getting what you thought you paid for.

Instead, calculate 100 percent relief at Apothetique, a new skincare and body treatment boutique run by Winnie Young, former Kahala Resort head therapist.

Young believes clients should pay for table time, not have to rack up individual services. That means during a 90-minute skin treatment, for example, you'll experience products and therapies specifically suited for your skin, and during mask time you'll continue to be nurtured, usually with massage, for no extra charge.

This formula allows Apothetique treatments to be truly customized as they address areas such as hair and scalp, breakouts, back,  or feet. It's also the first local spa to use only non-synthetic, paraben-free products (like Pangea Organics), personally tested and researched by Young to ensure they produce results.

Which is an equation that makes total cents.

No matter how you add it up.

Apothetique is open Wednesday-Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., 401 Kamakee Street, Suite 312, Honolulu (above Bamboo Sky boutique), 808.226.4526.



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