The Missed List - July


Your mile – four minutes.
Your breakfast – a perfect three-minute egg.

You move fast. So sometimes 200 words, even in an unbelievably clever and witty article, is just a little too much.

To help you get back up to speed, here is a synopsis of the Lei Chics you may have missed this month – accidentally of course.

Lei ChicFast Foods
Five-step pupu from top chefs

You dress to impress everyday, but the thought of dressing a salad leaves you in panic. Relax. Get your party started with these easy (trust us) and delicious five-step dishes from The Kahala, Salt Kitchen, Chef Mavro and Neiman Marcus. And if you’ve tried them already, there’s a reason to come back for seconds. Since our initial article, chefs from the award-winning Lahaina Grill and Merriman’s have added their tempting recipes to the mix.
Click here then stop, chop, and bowl your guests over.

Lei Chic Current Events
A Wave of New Swimwear

It’s not that you’re shallow, you’re just not the type to dive right in when it comes to swimwear. We went fishing and found four locally-designed lines that will send you right over the deep end. Between the Honi Honi's sweet, reversible bikinis, the fringe benefits of Acacia’s wild side, Gypsy’s lingerie-inspired no-creep bottoms, and Boom Boom’s color-blocking, you’re sure to find something that suits you.
Don’t wade anymore. Click here.

Lei Chic Top Gear
Gas station fashion fixes

It’s amazing what can come out of a mid-afternoon slurpee run. On a whim, we sent two beauty experts shopping inside Hawaii service station stores. Amazingly, stashed among the spam musubis and slurpees, they found fixes for everything from a surprise pimple to slippery shoes and even an unusual use for disposable toilet seat covers.
Click here for the self-service solutions.

Lei Chic On the Download
A fresh music mix

Your playlist could use a tune up. For the rest of the summer, we’re going to offer you free mixes of new songs and old favorites every week. In July, we kicked it off with one group’s spin on summer listening including dance beats ranging from Warren G to The Beach Boys.
Click here to let the rhythm get you.

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