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Lei ChicDon’t deny it. We saw it. Your windows were rolled up, but we’re pretty you had a little Monica in your life as you rocked out to Mambo Number 5 in your car.

We could be mistaken – it was hard to hear anything through our own dance mix of Party in the USA.

Bad pop music is a great guilty pleasure when you’re alone. But when you party, you need to kick it a little old cool. We asked spinmasters The Hot Muffins for 10 downloads guaranteed to freshen up your summer listening list.

1 – "Summertime in the LBC" – Warren G 

2 – "Motivation" – Kelly Rowland (Diplo Remix) 

3 – "Hot Mess" – Chromeo (Ride the Universe Remix) 

4 – "Sandungueo (Moombahton)" – Munchi 

5 – "Ayo" – Hyper Crush 

6 – "I Am the Walrus" – The Beatles (Paul Getto Remix) 

7 – "Farewell my Summer Love" – Michael Jackson 

8 – "Wouldn’t It Be Nice" – The Beachboys (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) 

9 – "Summer Rain" – The Depravations

Learn more about The Hot Muffins on their website or click here to download their latest mixtape.

Watch for more summer playlists coming up next month.

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