Guava Shop’s Beachy-Chic New Kailua Location

Made ya look.


guava shop new opening

Photo: Courtesy of Guava Shop


Recent mind games are giving you the crazy idea that you need a sanity assessment. After all, you’ve been seeing double, developing some manic obsessive tendencies and, lately, you’ve been feeling totally psyched. Is this a case of a gal going cuckoo?


Or, are you just nuts for Guava Shop’s new Kailua location, like we are? The sister store’s got the same beach-babe appeal that made the Hale‘iwa location a shopping staple for shoreside style, so you’re bound to feel a sense of dapper déjà vu. The Guava team of ladies picked Kailua town’s Hekili Street for the beachy, small-town vibe and ultra-stylish neighborhood of local boutiques—and, we have to say, it’s a damn good fit. You’ll spot the distinctive magenta Guava sign just a few shops down from Aloha Beach Club and Island Bungalow, with Fighting Eel, Lanikai Bath and Body Works and Lily Lotus just a stone’s throw away. Oh, and the ocean? So close you can smell it, of course.


All the better for buying Guava’s stock of beach bags, bikinis or breezy resort tunics from house-brand Pon Pon. While the Kailua spot’s got an unmistakeable Guava vibe, it’s also hosting a few Windward-Side-exclusive treasures that give the new shop its own special appeal. The Guava team selected specific pieces that need to be in the Kailua girl’s closet, including special Acacia selections and the new season of Tigerlily swimwear, which aren’t available at the Hale‘iwa location. They’ve also ramped up some of their North Shore favorites to give the Windward crowd a chance at the chic. That includes an expanded coconut beauty line with a scrub, lip balm and more (look for a candle soon!), or more of the totally charming line of pom pom accessories: neon-colored gems for giving your space an added bit of flavor.


Our prognosis? A good dose of Kailua retail therapy and you’ll feel better in no time.


133 Hekili St., Kailua,


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