The Missed List - January 2012


The world has moved into 2012, but according to the errant dates you keep writing on then crossing off your checks your brain still thinks it’s 2011.

Apparently the time has just flown by and so has that month of Lei Chic finds that disappeared while you were trying to organize a year’s worth of random e-mail messages.

Let us say Happy New Year with a look back at some of our greatest hits for January.

Lei Chic Print Condition
Kaypee Soh dinnerware

White plates. Printed linens. Vase with prerequisite flowers. When did topping the table become such a snooze? Kaypee Soh’s new lightweight linen-embossed acrylic bowls, plates, and trays will pump up any party without draining your wallet dry. Right now, the somace team is debuting the table top collection along with pillows and rugs at the New York International Gift Fair. The store on Young Street will reopen later this week.
Ready, get setting, go here.

Lei Chic Short and Sweet
Kulanui’s okara cookies

We’ve been sweet on these from the first bite. The recipe, cooked up by a University of Hawaii agriculture science class, not only goes great with coffee but uses okara, protein skimmed out of tofu that usually goes to waste. The texture is a little heartier that the usual shortbread but the taste stays true and profits go back into the UH student program. Next time you swing by UH Rainbowtique to replenish your supply, watch out for the okara lilikoi granola and energy bars from Kulanui that will be arriving in store soon.
Take your coffee time to the college degree here or go into the test kitchen with Lei Chic’s segment on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now.

Lei Chic Toes to the Pose
The Kahala’s Stand Up Paddling Yoga class

Whether you’re a “dip the toe” or a “dive in head first” kind of girl, the new Stand Up Paddling yoga class is a good balance of core strengthening, stretching, and sunset views. No yoga or paddling experience is required and anyone from the public is welcome to wade right in for the nominal fee of $25. Join The Kahala's fitness club and you can knock $5 off the price of every course including the new TRX suspension course.
Start bending the rules by clicking here.

Lei Chic Happy Renew Year: Down and Flirty
Crybaby semi-permanent mascara

Admit it, the moment Rose vows never to let go, CC tells Hillary she is the wind beneath her wings, or anyone sings about those damn butterfly kisses, you lose it. But what really gives your secretly sappy nature a black eye is the mascara streaking down your cheeks. Avoid the water quirks by trying out this polymer-based coating that will give you the looks without running away. The $10 off introductory deal has even been extended to February 14 so you can be batting a thousand for Valentine’s Day.
Start reaping those fringe benefits now or get a closer look at the procedure with Lei Chic’s segment on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now.

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