Smart Cookie


You’ve just settled into your cube for your morning routine – hitting up all your favorite websites to see what’s new. Two weeks gone, and your browser’s cookie trail still knows just what you like and puts it right in front of you.

Offline, the smart cookies who do the same are Christina and Darcy Cook, mother-and-daughter owners of Hawai‘i Kai’s just-opened shop, Cookie Couture. This byte-sized boutique is glam at great prices, so you can get that chunky belt for less than it costs for a round of drinks.

The duo scours the L.A. scene for young and as-yet unheard-of designers, which is good for saving your, er, cache. Try on some short, sassy rocker-style dresses for under $50 or a hobo-style bag for around $60.

Because in this day of closing chain stores and a dropping Dow Jones, shelling out a lot to look good just doesn’t compute.

Cookie Couture, Koko Marina Shopping Center (across from the Marina Theatre, in the old Koko Cabana space), 808.396.2665.

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