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Bathe Your Skin in ‘Au‘au Hawai‘i’s Macadamia Nut Soaps and Beauty Oils

Reinvigorate your bath routine. 



Not to air your filthy laundry in public, but your, er, gross negligence has made things a bit of a hot mess right now. It’s time to clean up your act, by fair means or foul. That’s one dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it—and we’re willing to give you a hand.


Or, rather, a bottle. Launched in Hilo at the end of last year, ‘Au‘au Hawai‘i is a new collection of locally bottled soaps and oils that will whip you into shape in no time. Naming the brand after the Hawaiian word meaning “to bathe,” the little team uses the power of local nut oil as the main ingredient in ‘Au‘au’s line of products, which ranges from herb-infused, essential oil-scented beauty oils to moisturizing, multipurpose liquid soap.


Inspired by the tropical freshness and beauty of Island breezes, florals and oceans, the ‘Au‘au Hawai‘i products are all-naturally cleansing, with nary a chemical detergent, lathering agent or artificial color. Instead, you’ll find solutions packed with sustainable, biodegradable ingredients, such as macadamia nut oil, which is rich in palmitoleic acid, an acid that has a remarkable similarity to human sebum, making it an ideal gentle moisturizer that leaves little residue.


These stripped-down concoctions each have a multitude of uses, making them great for dual-purpose applications when you’re stripped down. Both the oils and soaps come in invigorating lemongrass, alluring rose and refreshing lavender. The liquid soaps can be used as face wash, body wash or bubble bath, and the oils are both moisturizing and protective. Use them on your skin during sun tanning, to give your hair a boost of moisture or even as a massage oil.


Dirty tricks? Guilty.   


$20–$22, available at Clips Hawai‘i, 822 Kaheka St., 941-6777. Visit the 'Au'au Hawai'i website for more information.


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