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Join The Scrub



Your search for the fountain of youth has taken you to Whole Foods for a strict regimen of green tea and salmon and to Neiman Marcus for top-of-the-line night creams.

But maybe you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

Try a trip to a Korean sauna. It’s a secret guarded as closely as the special family kimchee recipe, and it’s the key to soft, dewy skin. Regular sweat-and-scrub sessions reveal baby-smooth skin, and can get rid of sluggishness after a long week at work or a hard weekend of partying.

Head to Aloha Sauna and Spa to sweat out the toxins and impurities from your body. Stay in one of the three saunas for as long as you can, rinse off and then jump into the cold bath (said to improve your circulation.) Then go back into the sauna, and repeat for as long as you can.

Once you start to feel like a raisin, it’s time to scrub. You’ll lie on a massage table while one of the attendants (they mean business and can be a bit pushy) decked in a black bra and panties will use rough towels to slough off dead skin from all over your body.

The whole visit takes a about 90 minutes, and you’ll emerge refreshed and polished to a high glow.

Aging will never get under your skin again.

Aloha Sauna and Spa, 1724 Kalauokalani Way, #100 (near the intersection of Kalakaua Avenue), 808.941.9494. Entrance fee is $20 to use the saunas, with a full scrub it’s $60, massage and scrub is $100.

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