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For The Smell Of It



Things you love to catch a whiff of: the neighbor’s plumeria tree in full bloom, fluffy towels fresh out of the dryer, cupcakes in the oven.

Things you don’t: department store spritzers armed with Eau de Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.

Teresa Blackwell at the Four Season Lana‘i Manele Bay takes that all into consideration during the new custom fragrance blending sessions at the hotel.

It starts with a three-page questionnaire about your favorite seasons, flowers and fruits, as well as the type of music you like and your astrological sign.

Based on your answers, Blackwell has you sniff several core scents and test them to see which react best with your specific body chemistry – the fragrances smell different on every person. You’ll spend about an hour smelling notes of vanilla, myrrh, lavender, citrus and other essential oils and plant extracts until you find a combination of sweet and spicy or floral and fruity that suits you.

The fragrances are 100 percent natural and come from the boutique perfumery Ajne in California. And you’ll walk away with a handmade gold-wrapped bottle of your custom fragrance that is a one-of a kind.

Now that makes perfect scents.

Custom perfume blending is $150 at the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Lana`i at Manele Bay, 808.565.2000. More info is online here.

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