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Going Green. You cringe a little at the thought, imagining yourself in a dingy hippy commune, your hair growing into funky dreadlocks and donning a patchouli scent while you bike to the next peace protest. Does Green really have to be so grungy?

Then—hallelujah—you find eco-fashion! Now, that’s some green you can get into… until you realize that organic cotton tee costs more than your car. Does earth friendly have to mean wallet un-friendly?

Lucky for you, there’s a new, green way to keep your lifestyle and your bank account intact: ecoBorrow. The nationwide site, which a team of local investors helped create, combines the social networking aspect of Facebook with the fiscal appeal of Freecycle.

Here’s how you do it: register for 20 bucks a year, list items you don’t mind lending, and get access to borrow stuff from your circle of friends. From books to baby gear, ecoBorrow lists anything swappable. And your dashboard on the site keeps track of outstanding loans and sends emails for requests.

No money is exchanged, so it’s recession proof. You only swap with friends you choose, so it’s spam-proof.

Green, frugal and fabulous? You can save the earth and a little green.

Until Dec 31, Lei Chic readers can register for ecoBorrow at half price ($10). Just enter LEICHIC in the discount code field at checkout:

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