Best of Lei Chic 2009: Land of the Rising Sunglasses


As we get set to ring in 2010, Lei Chic is taking a look back into our archives and bringing you some of the best stories we published during 2009. Enjoy and see you next year!
Originally published July 8, 2009

Turning Japanese. Yes, you've been turning Japanese. Don’t think so?

Drove to work in your: Toyota.
Today's lunch: Sushi.
Your cell phone: Sony.
Your cell phone charm: Hello Kitty.
Your weekend plans: Teppanyaki and a little karaoke.

So it’s really no surprise that the land of the rising sun is responsible for your soon-to-be-favorite line of designer shades.

Created specifically to fit Asian faces, Scandy Eyewear sunglasses have ultra-extended nose grips to keep them sitting snugly and comfortably up top instead of sliding down your nose all day.

Available in sleek metallic aviator, quirky cat-eye, and classic, plastic oversize styles, the glasses feature playful details like rhinestones and cut-outs, and come in nearly every color under the sun.

Let’s face it, these win by a nose.

Scandy Eyewear is available at Le Grand Marqet at Ala Moana Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI, 96814, 808.955.6560.

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