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Beautiful Tropical Tea Towels from Cultivate Hawai‘i

This is no rag tag selection.


PHOTO: COURTESY OF Cultivate Hawai'i


Your partner’s been really ragging on you lately, and you know it’s time to come clean: Your homeware style is in the dumps and it’s starting to just be sad. To wrest yourself out of this muck, you’re going to need to pull out the big guns. 


No, we’re not talking about an emergency trip to Target (although that certainly wouldn’t hurt). We’re looking local for goods to brighten up your abode, and we’ve found it in the cheery tea towels from Cultivate Hawai‘i. We love the fact that businesswoman Katie Edmonds and artist Merlin Edmonds are brother- and sister-in-law (how cute is that?), and how the pair uses all-natural, organic cotton towels sourced in the U.S. and printed at a small, family-run company with water-based inks that are BPA free.


And the designs—you’ll be charmed by these pretty, paradisiac styles, featuring Island-inspired subjects such as stylized sunsets, meandering waterfalls and majestic humpback whales, lo‘i kalo and even lava flows. In fact, Merlin gets a lot of his art ideas through his work traveling around the island saving native seeds and plants as a conservationist with the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. The Cultivate crop also has some seriously on-point palettes, perfect for infusing your life with luster: Think calm cyan next to serene seafoam green and robin’s egg blue, or a beautiful rainbow-sherbet-like blend of lavender, soft coral, rose and pale yellow.


Katie and Merlin got the bright idea for Cultivate Hawai‘i when brainstorming how to bring lifelong-artist Merlin’s gorgeous, detailed, fine art pieces to the everyday Joe in a useful, functional form that was also affordable. Looking to her own English roots, where the kettle reigns supreme, Katie had a solution that fit their requirements to a tea—towels, that is. The duo worked to adapt Merlin’s art to fit the new format and now sells their pieces in 40 stores statewide, including, starting this month, Nordstrom. Plus, look for a couple of way cool projects coming out soon from the Cultivate family, including a collaboration with Vans.


Until then, put these towels to good use—so good tidies to you.


$18, cultivatehawaii.com.

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