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5 Questions With Designer Sue Wong

Insights and inspiration from the gal behind the gowns.


Psst. Hey there, gossip queen. We know how much you love glam gab, so here’s a piece of shop talk that you’ll definitely want to mouth off on.

We caught up with rags-to-riches, high-end gown designer Sue Wong to shoot the breeze about business, fashion and her advice for fellow designers. A first-generation Chinese immigrant, Wong put her money where her mouth was with a flourishing fashion brand that is sold in stores such as Neiman Marcus and worn by celebs that include Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift. Her romantic creations get people talking, but it’s her experience as a female businesswoman and uncompromising creative force that really speaks volumes.

How’s that for some juicy chic-chat?

Visit suewong.com for Wong’s latest designs.


On her style:

I’ve created a very unique, one-of-a-kind "Sue Wong" look, inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood’s Golden era. I invest my design philosophy and mantra of beauty, magic and transformation into each and every one of my gowns, with each one transforming the wearer into a beautiful goddess. I create couture looks that are unique works of art with impeccable workmanship at pret-a-porter prices.


On her philosophy:

Money can certainly buy you luxuries and make things easier, but the crucial success is the internal one—about how successful you are as a human being and in how you navigate through your universe with the utmost integrity and honor.

Also, always perceive life and your journey as a limitless ceiling. Never allow concepts or your perceptions to stunt what could be.


On what makes a successful businesswoman:

Self belief is the greatest blessing and weapon to achieve your goal and actualize your dreams. That’s why I took the risk and put everything I had in my life into my goal, twice. The first time, I failed miserably and the second time took 14 years of blood, sweat and tears in order to succeed. The quality of one’s work is a direct reflection of one’s energy, and reveals who one truly is.

People often tell me how lucky I am. I remind them that luck had nothing to do with it. I was determined to make it.


On creativity:

Creatively, I never compare myself to anyone else. Each and every one of us has his/her journey. People constantly ask me who/which designer I follow or draw inspiration from and to be honest, I don’t follow anyone. I have created my very own unique look and voice, which is incomparable to others because it is my design philosophy and visual sensibilities steeped in mythology and the here and now.


Her advice for designers:

Do not compromise on your vision. Do not allow others to derail, nor undermine your commitment and clarity and the clarity of your vision. Be true to the essence of the overall design and to yourself. Never allow other people to limit your possibilities by accepting the projections of their own limitations onto yourself. Never feel simply satisfied at any given moment in your journey: You’re a work in progress. Make sure you can take lots of criticism and grow from it.


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