Sunshine On My Shoulders


You’re not so spacy that you’d lose your head if it weren’t screwed on tight (as Uncle always told you), but last week you did attend a business meeting wearing no shoes because you forgot they weren’t in the car, and couldn’t call for help because your cell phone was dead and yes – you forgot the charger.

If only you’d had a Clear Blue Hawai‘i solar backpack. Their six-watt solar cell panel bags charge mobile phones, digital cameras, LCD TVs, camcorders, MP3s, and GPS systems while you’re on the go.

Choose from the fully-integrated Blue Sun Solar Backpack; the www.leichic.comwaterproof and airtight Kahana bag for when you must submerge; or if you already like your current bag, the Mana Solar Claw to transform it into solar by attaching the durable, flexible solar sleeve, complete with gear compartment. When you don’t need a solar energy back up, just remove the panel and store it.

The packs and cells are easy to use with iPods, cell phones and more, and are lightweight, nearly impossible to break, work on cloudy days and require no maintenance. They’re also water resistant – which means seawater paddle splashes and windward showers won’t ruin them.

So you can be plugged in when you’re unplugged.
Even if you forget your umbrella.

Available online at Clear Blue Hawai‘i

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