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Give yourself an Easter basket worthy of your grown up tastes

Eggs 'n' Spring


Easter basket photo by Toelstede

Easter rocked as a kid: the egg hunts, the frilly dresses and enough of a sugar rush to turn you into a basket case. But let’s be honest: you’re no spring chick. The prospect of gorging yourself on a gallon of jellybeans doesn’t quite make you hop for joy like it used to.

But who says adults don’t know how to join in the bunny fun, too? Here are some egg-stra special grownup treats we’re jonesing to get in our Easter “baskets” this year.

Instead of: A drugstore chocolate bunny
Try: Gourmet Choco Le’a truffles.
Those cardboard-encased concoctions never seem to taste quite as good as you remembered, but a box of these delish artisan truffles is better than to-dye-for. (Check out our Biting Commentary post about them.)
$5–$40, chocolea.com.

Instead of: Plastic eggs
Try: This adorable Two's Company ceramic rabbit container from Red Pineapple.
You can still stuff it with jellybeans, but you can also use it as a candy jar or bathroom accent all year round.
$20, Red Pineapple, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd., Ward Centers, 593-2733.



Instead of: A straw basket
Try: Try this woven Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie clutch topped with a hoppy-go-lucky metallic bunny print.
$148, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, 953-6100. 


Instead of: Marshmallow Peeps
Try: Luxurious feather earrings from Kauai Feather Creations.
Not only will you look boho glam, but these are way lower in calories.
$25, available by message through Kauai Feather Creations' Facebook page

Instead of: Plastic grass
Try: These Garden-in-a-Bag herbs from La Muse.
Cute herbs for the green-thumb-challenged are a much cuter and more sustainable way to stuff your basket.
$15, 1156 Nuuanu Ave., 536-0818.

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