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Sponsored Edition: A Tour de Course


Lei Chic The boys in your neighborhood didn't know what they were thinking when they declared "no girls allowed."

Your 92-mile-per-hour fastball would have totally saved their 1-10 Little League season.

And their model airplane obsession would have taken off, if only they had your expertise on Bernoulli's principle.

Oh well, their loss. They couldn't stop you from becoming a successful, confident woman. Of course, when it comes to your daughter, you're determined to raise that bar.

Consider enrolling her at St. Andrew's Priory School, where girls always rule. She could join the rocket team - the only one in the state to win at the national Team America Rocket Challenge. And no one will stop her if she wants to join an ILH All-Star team in paddling, bowling or volleyball. Then, when she enters the Hawaii State Science Fair, you know she'll soar to new heights.

Lei ChicSee for yourself when you sign up for an open house. Take a tour of the school's historic campus on the edge of downtown Honolulu and learn how an all-girls education can help your daughter get better grades and more leadership opportunities. Then meet the faculty who makes sure every single graduate attends a four-year college. And when your daughter faces the hard decision to go to Harvard, Brown or Yale, they'll help her look for scholarships ($4 million was awarded to Priory students last year).

Chat with Priory parents who can tell you how tech-savvy your kid will be with her own laptop computer and Wi-Fi available throughout the campus. And, if you attend Wednesday's session, you'll sit in on an actual class and experience the school's top-notch teaching first-hand.

So you can be sure your daughter will conquer the world.

And any ignorant boys who stand in her way.

Open houses take place Sunday, May 6 at 1 p.m. and Wednesday, May 9 at 9 a.m., St. Andrew's Priory School, 224 Queen Emma Square. Call (808) 536-6102 or click here for more information.

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