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Lei Chic Your best friend is running extremely late for your lunch date (OMG stuck in traffic. B there soon!) and you're scored out of your mind. You've gone through all your Facebook updates (it's Tina's birthday, Brandon had ramen for breakfast) and now you're Twittering for something else to do.

These fun, free apps will help you Temple Run out the clock.

We'll bet the FarmVille on it.


Lei Chic
If you like The Legend of Zelda, you'll love...
Saturday Morning RPG
Relive classic 80's pop culture with punchy music and comic book bubble dialogue in this fun role-playing game (yes, the graphics are supposed to be bad). You play Marty, a high school student who must save his girlfriend from the evil Commander Hood. Power up with scratch-and-sniff stickers, enter magic battles and get help from a mysterious, young Wizard.
Available on iPhone and iPad.
Lei Chic If you like Draw Something and Angry Birds, you'll love...
Doodle Ball
Remember when you used to doodle during class? Those old school days are back with Doodle Ball. Use digital chalk to draw guides and barriers on an obstacle course. Then activate the eraser to get balls falling through the course and into the beaker below (it's harder than it looks!).
Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Lei Chic If you like karaoke, you'll love...
Give anyone, including yourself, mad vocals without even trying. Record any conversation and the app will transform it into a song. Listen to a techno-smooth melody about budget reports, dramatic pauses included. Just don't expect a chart-topping hit anytime soon.
Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Lei Chic If you like puzzles, you'll love...
Create your own jigsaw puzzle using photos you take yourself or download from the Internet. Set the number of pieces (up to 1,400 depending on your operating system) for a customized puzzle with thumbnail, background image, tray control and save features.
Available on Android.
Lei Chic If you like Tron and Temple Run, you'll love...
Gravity Project
Control a futuristic character as he races through long hallways. Swipe the screen and he'll slide, jump, even defy gravity to dodge walls, cubes and lasers. Sleek graphics and urgent music seem almost cinematic - until you hit an obstacle and get transported back to the start line.
Available on Android ($0.99 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).
Lei Chic If you like iVideo, you'll love...
Action Movie FX
Okay, this one isn't super new, but we just can't get enough of this action-packed app from film director J.J. Abrams. Take a video of pretty much anything around you (like a fire hydrant or your annoying co-worker), then use the app's special effects to blow it up with a missile or smash it with a car. Awesome.
Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
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