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Alice+Olivia dress.
The worn down heel tip on your most comfortable Miu Miu slingbacks.
Lei Chic's articles.We know—between those daily office reminders to clean out the refrigerator and the unsolicited jokes from your least-favorite cousin, you just haven't had a chance to read all of your e-mails.

Don't worry, we got the memo. To help you catch up, here is a roundup of our favorite finds for April.

Lei ChicSplit Precision
B.D'Angelo's edgy, dainty jewelry.

She's just out of college, but Marissa Beatrice certainly isn't acting her age with her fledgling jewelry line. B.D'Angelo’s tumbled and oxidized pieces have an unpolished finish that still seems sophisticated. Lately, in addition to her skull and feather pieces, Beatrice has introduced a tiny bronze bird skull pendant that is lighter and, dare we say, cuter than you may think.
Click here for more about B.D'Angelo.

Lei ChicThe Odd Squad
Hound & Quail's curiously cool home shop

Mark Pei and Travis Flazer's former store was called [area], but their new venture has everything but extra space. Packed into a 200-square foot store hidden on Kapiolani Blvd. is an eclectic variety of home accessories (bird skeletons anyone?). The floor-to-ceiling windows give Hound & Quail the look of an intriguing display you could stare at for hours (a nod to Flazer's experience designing windows for Diesel).
Click here for more about Hound & Quail.

Lei ChicIt's a Wash
What you really can and can't dry clean

This is for all the girls who have ever had a shrinking feeling when they pulled out the wash. We know what the labels say, but come on, would you really send a cotton shirt to the dry cleaner? We turned to a UH Manoa textiles professor for the real deal.
Click here for her dry cleaning tips.

Lei ChicA Wandering Buy
New traveling boutiques

We're not saying it's time to break up with your favorite store, but these new boutiques are perfect for a spring fling. All three are constantly experimenting with their inventory, meaning you're less likely to play accidental twinsies with your BFF. One boutique owner is even Island-shopping to give fashionistas across the state more outfit options. Watch for their online boutiques coming soon.
Click here to start browsing.

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