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Lei ChicScene: Morning, an office interior. Our heroine walks in with a coffee cup and a resigned expression.

: How was your weekend?
You: (barely audible sigh, then a forced, perky smile) Too short! Too short!
She turns to walk away, and bumps into a woman.
Woman 1: How was your weekend?
You: I’m already ready for the next one! (fake laughter)
Woman 2: How was your weekend?

Every Monday morning it’s the same old script. You fade to the back to avoid admitting that you spent the weekend in your pajamas sucking down the chocolate-peanut butter easter eggs you had bought for your nephew, while getting sucked into E! True Hollywood Stories about Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends.

Lights, camera, inaction.

A former party planner has the ticket to turning your next weekend from dull documentary to chick flick fabulous with your own outdoor movie theatre. Haleiwa mom Tanya Santiago first got the idea when she went big for her 17-year-old son's movie night with friends. Last month, Outdoor Cinema Hawaii made its premiere.

Santiago will set up and operate a 17-foot inflatable screen, a professional grade projector and speakers. And you won’t have to make any concessions on movie snacks. The party package comes with tokens that your guests can spend on fresh-popped popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, gummy bears, and arare from Santiago’s own concession stand. The total cost is $380, which breaks down to about $7.60 a person for a party of 50. You just supply drinks, a DVD and a power outlet.

Outdoor Cinema Hawaii also rents out the equipment for those who like to run their own shows.

It’s a simple way to get some action, romance, and comedy into your weekend without the planning drama.

Two thumbs up.

You must make reservations at least two weeks before your event. Check out Outdoor Cinema Hawaii’s website for more information or e-mail

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