Shell Game


As a kid, decorating Easter eggs brought out your inner Monet-in-training. You wielded the wax crayon and Paas kit like a pro, turning out multi-hued eggs at every dip.

So you’d be, um, egg-static to find one of Volcano artist Dania Zempel’s eggshell artworks in your basket this Sunday.

With large-sized goose, emu and ostrich eggs as her canvas, Zempel creates intricately filigreed designs that deserve display case treatment. Each shell is drained and bleached before Zempel gets to work with a high-power dentist’s drill. She’ll etch intricate patterns, or cut out lacy designs with honu, bubbles and flowers, then dip the shells in shellac to harden and strengthen them.

The eggs are in galleries on the Big Island like Kilauea Kreations in Volcano Village, and on her website. But getting your hands on one to keep can mean custom ordering, or choosing one of the limited designs she keeps in stock.

They can be shipped, though, and not one egg has ever arrived broken.

Which is a true yolk of luck.

View Dania Zempel’s designed eggs at and place orders by calling 808.967.8206.

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