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The truth is, curbside blue bins make recycling a lot less inconvenient. But you still have some green guilt for throwing away all the stuff that can’t go in them. Here’s where some of those items can get new life.

Cell Phones
You love your new iPhone, but all those goodbye Motos are mounting up in a desk drawer. Take them all, chargers and other accessories included, to any Verizon Wireless store. Instead of ending up in a landfill, they could end up in the hands of someone who truly needs a lifeline through the company’s HopeLine program, which refurbishes old cell phones and accessories to support victims of domestic violence. Click here for more info and to find a store location near you.

Magazines, Catalogs, Phone Books
Once you’ve finished that 10-pound fashion mag, take it to Hagadone Printing for recycling.

You blaze through a tube of lipgloss lickety-split. But don’t just toss the plastic package. Bring your empty makeup bottles, jars, caps, lipstick covers and tubes – regardless of the brand – into any Origins store or counter. They’ll ship it off to be turned into new bottles, jars and even park benches. Then they’ll treat you to a free Origins sample for your good deed. For more info, click here

Plastic Grocery Bags
You always mean to use your reusable tote, but dammit, you forgot it in the car again. Well, at least hang on to those awful plastic bags and recycle them next time you go back to the grocery store. Safeway, Foodland and Times all have recycling bins at the entrance of most locations.

Household/Building Materials
Cleaning, remodeling or just sprucingup your home? Re-Use Hawai‘i takes materials like lumber, windows and doors and makes them into new items. On Wednesday, they’re celebrating the grand opening of their new warehouse in Kaka‘ako. So now, you can peruse their salvaged materials to find the perfect eco-chic piece for your home. For more info, click here or call 808.953.5538.

Old Blankets and Towels
They’re too funky for you or even your freeloading, sofa-surfing friends, but they’d make a perfectly cozy bed for the dogs and cats at the Hawaiian Humane Society shelter. They accept used blankets, towels and sometimes pillows, depending on the condition. Your furry friends will thank you. For more info, click here or call 808.946.2187.

Kick your habit of trashing your old athletic shoes. Instead, bring them down to the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe event this Sunday, April 26, at Niketown Honolulu. They’ll take used athletic shoes of any brand (but no cleats), and grind them up to make new sports surfaces, such as basketball courts, soccer fields and playground surfacing. For more info, call Niketown Honolulu at 808.983.5804.

Everything Else
For a super-handy local recycling guide, click here. And for more great local re-use options, click here.

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