Photo Opportunity


A picture can spark a memory from the deepest corner of your mind. Too bad all your photos are stuffed in the deep, dusty corners of your hallway closet.

Take the first step toward walking down memory lane by calling Lisa Detol, a super-organized photo album expert who can swoop in and turn all those boxes of photos and mementos into coffee-table worthy albums.

Whether you have a shoebox full of old photos, or a laptop filled with jpegs, Detol can transform your unorganized heap into a traditional-style or digitally printed photo album or scrapbook. If you’re a DIY type, she can teach you the basics. Or you can hand over everything and she'll take it from there. You can even approve the book-in-progress online.

So your wedding, European vacation, or first Christmas with baby won’t become memories that time forgot.

They’ll be affairs you’ll remember.

Photo organizer Lisa Detol, 808.223.6037 or Click here to view her website.

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