Garden of Eatin'


Your idea of gardening is picking fresh peppers and arugula from the stands at the farmers market every weekend. You draw the line at picking mangoes off your neighbor’s tree each summer.

Not that you wouldn’t love to have your own mini-crop of tomatoes and herbs. But you’re short on yard space and know-how.

It’s time to order a little bloom service. Call Foodscapes Hawai‘i and ask for the “Gardener-in-Chief” Fran Butera, who can create a custom kitchen garden for you, filled with any combination of vegetables, herbs, spices, and edible flowers you can put together.

Whether you’re a Ms. Fancy-Plants with space to spare, or a black-thumbed beginner with a cramped condo lanai, Butera will construct a garden to match your space, schedule and budget. She’ll set you up with a portable container designed for small spaces with no soil, or maybe a 4-by-8 foot box bed perfect for beginners and children. And if you want to really veg out, she can help you with a traditional in-ground garden for some serious harvesting. What you plant is your choice: love Italian food? Plant some tomatoes, basil and garlic. More of a bok choy and bittermelon babe? They’ve got that, too.

Foodscapes can even maintain your newly planted plot for you, using all organic growing techniques. Choose from monthly or seasonal services that include weeding, pruning, applying organic pest control and replacing unhealthy plants.

So you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.

For more info, visit or call 808.375.8025.

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