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Concealed Carry



Somewhere between Junior’s 3 a.m. feeding and changing your shirt after the fourth spit-up incident of the day, your plans to hit the gym went bye-bye. Who wants to be seen in public with a six-month belly, six weeks postpartum, anyway?

Instead, get some endorphins without the public display of your midsection by strapping your little one into the Maui-made, mom-designed Ergo baby carrier.

It can be worn on the front, back or side, so no one can see your soft underbelly. (That’s for your mother-in-law to expose.)

While you hike off the bulge, Ergo protects your lower back by putting baby’s weight on your hips rather than shoulders. And this pack isn’t ho-hum like those other, baby bjor-ing, carriers. Little details like the side pocket for your water bottle, a modern color palate and embroidered detailing makes the Ergo less Sesame Street and more Fifth Avenue.

That’s attachment parenting you can handle.

Ergo baby carriers are in stores all over the state. Click here for a full list.

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