Treena Shapiro

Treena Shapiro has been covering state and county government in Hawai‘i for 15 years, primarily writing about politics and education for two daily newspapers and three wire services. She is now a producer for “Insights on PBS Hawai‘i,” a weekly public affairs program that airs Thursday evenings.


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Stories by Treena

Maybe Some Hawaii People Shouldn't Vote?

HONOLULU hits the streets to find out how people REALLY pick their candidates.
2014.06.09 04:17 PM

Who Wants to Be Hawaii’s No. 2 Politician?

The Democratic primary race for lieutenant governor draws powerful senator, former TV reporter and the guy who’s got the job.
2014.05.28 08:59 PM

What Else Does Your Hawaii Lawmaker Do For a Living?

Hawaii’s part-time legislators find a diverse set of other occupations.
2014.05.21 07:24 PM

New Online Data Tools Changing the Way Hawaii’s Public School Students Learn

New tech tools are allowing teachers to tailor their lesson plans to individual students more than ever.
2014.05.21 03:07 PM

Hawaii’s Resign-to-Run Law: Why Some Candidates Must Resign, But Others Don’t

So why do some candidates have to resign to run?
2014.05.14 03:21 PM

CNN Calls Hawaii 'The State That Doesn't Vote,' But What If That Changed?

Getting Hawaii out of the registered voter basement.
2014.05.07 09:19 AM

Raising Hawaii's Minimum Wage and Making Kindergarten Mandatory — What Else Did Hawaii Legislators Do for You?

Here are some top accomplishments of the 2014 Legislature.
2014.04.30 12:26 PM

Is Same-Day Voter Registration in Hawaii on its Way?

A proposal in the Hawaii state Legislature would allow for same-day voter registration.
2014.04.28 02:23 PM

Your Vote Counts, Hawaii

So, are you registered?
2014.04.23 09:00 AM

Should You Vote in Person, on Election Day or by Mail?

Tips to get you to the polls on time, or even earlier.
2014.04.17 07:26 PM
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