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Monday, September 20, 2010

Level 4 Closes

Level 4 Nightclub and Ultra Lounge closed its doors last Saturday night to the surprise of everyone. I caught up with Level 4’s public relations director, Kenji Matsuzawa, to find out what happened.

“The Royal Hawaiian Center wanted to go in a different direction,” says Matsuzawa. Level 4 was on a month-to-month lease with the Center when they were told a few days ago that the Center would be closing down the nightclub. According to Matsuzawa, the Center has plans to renovate the space to make it a lot nicer, but was not given any specifics.

“It’s really sad,” Matsuzawa adds, “our numbers were picking up. And, last Saturday night we had about 1400 people in attendance. The aerialists were back too. We want to thank the Center for allowing us to do business with them. We hope the Center will bring us back, but we’re not holding our breath.”

With a staff totaling around 60 people, Matsuzawa says that they are all in good spirits. “We had an amazing staff and they were some of the nicest people. I know they’re going to be successful people. On behalf of Level 4, thank you to everybody for coming and supporting us and for making it their spot to go and have fun.”


 Updated: 9/21/10

After writing this blog, I received a press release from the Royal Hawaiian Center:

Effective Monday, September 20, the lease of Royal Hawaiian Showroom, LLC at The Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki, has been terminated under a Bankruptcy Court Order dismissing the company’s reorganization case.

Royal Hawaiian Showroom, LLC filed for Chapter 11-bankruptcy protection in October 2009. It has been operating the Level4 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights, and has been showing the movie Princess Kaiulani three times daily.

A new tenant has not yet been identified.


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