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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Standard... er, I mean, M

The Standard... er, I mean, M

Does anyone else feel this way?

I'm a fan of the M. And, I'm a fan of its promotions. However, there is something I'm not a fan of: the four different names that they use to describe two places. Here's what I saw on its latest flyer:

[The New Standard]
The Row Bar
[At M]

My questions: Why are they still calling it The Standard? I understand that there were some legal issues that caused the name to change. I might have jinxed them in this blog. But, has "the new standard" become a play on words meaning that the M is the "new standard" in nightlife? And, great, they're opening the Row Bar again, but why do they need to follow the name with [At M]? With all these names being thrown around, I have to ask: Is anyone else feeling confused by all the names that are being added on to a single-letter named nightclub?

My advice: keep it simple. Choose one name.


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