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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazybox: Are you on the list?

Crazybox: Are you on the list?

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When you walk up to the suited man blocking the entrance to Crazybox at the Waikiki Edition hotel, the first thing he'll ask you is, "are you on the list?" If you're not, be prepared to wait long enough that you decide to go elsewhere. Having not been back to Crazybox since it's grand opening, I decided to pay it another visit. But guess what, I wasn't on the list.

"You really have to be on a list?” my friend and I wondered, after seeing other people being turned away. We decided to hang around the Lobby Bar (the bar adjacent to Crazybox's entrance) and I listened to my friend's unhappy comments: "Look at everyone staring at everyone else. This place is so pretentious." She was right, so we left.

As a magazine writer, it's important to experience a place just as any other person would experience it. So, the following week, I did what anybody else would do in this situation. I called the Waikiki Edition hotel front desk, anonymously.

"How do I get on the list to Crazybox?" I asked. "Email," he replied. I emailed the address and received a response immediately and was all set. Great! But, I ended up not making it out that night. A week later, I emailed my RSVP for the list again, and received no response. Great.

Another weekend went by and I decided to try again, but at this point I had had enough. I whipped out my contact at the hotel and got in with ease. Was all of the trouble worth it? Yes.

There are a number of bars that you can dance at in Honolulu, but there are very few real clubs and even fewer that are worth getting dressed up to go to. I particularly liked Level 4 for its large size and dress code requirement so was sad to see it close. Pearl is fun, but it's a lounge, not a club, with a small, awkward dance floor. Crazybox, on the other hand, is a club with a dressed up crowd on weekend nights dancing to Top 40 mash-ups on a packed dance floor. It might not be LA or Las Vegas, but I still had fun and plan to go back—I just have to get on the list again.

Waikiki Edition, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd., 943-5800.


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