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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Documentaries to Watch, Begins Tonight

Three Documentaries to Watch, Begins Tonight

Mark Hogancamp creates a fantasy world with dolls called Marwencol.

Photo: Courtesy Interisland Terminal

Interisland Terminal presents “Manufacturing Reality”—three thought-provoking documentary films covering lives that have been affected outside the realms of what we know to be real.  
Marwencol is the name of a fantasy world of dolls created by Mark Hogancamp, who was beaten into a coma by six men outside a bar. The make believe world—set in the World War II era—is therapy for him; a way for him to recover his hand-eye coordination and to safely be a part of the outside world that he fears.
The creation of artificial intelligence via robotics is the manufactured reality covered in Plug and Pray. This movie takes a look at how far A.I. the science and engineering have advanced since the term was first coined in 1956. Experts speak. And, scientific faith is questioned.
Winner of multiple awards, This Way of Life is set in New Zealand and follows the life of Peter Karena, his wife, five kids and 50 horses. After their home burns down and some of the horses are stolen, the family is forced into homelessness. But, the new way of life that they have taken on, and the masterful way that they connect with nature, makes us question our own definition of life and living.
Feb. 15 through 17. For trail
er previews and showing times, visit


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