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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hitt List Expands Its T-Shirt Collection

The Hitt List Expands Its T-Shirt Collection

Now, I’m hoping to not only collect shirts with bottles on them, but also shirts with dancers, bards and exhibition sketches.

On a recent visit to a bar with friends, the hostess handed out bright orange promotional T-shirts with an image of a large margarita glass on the back of it. And, our lucky table was one of the few to get some.

"New pajamas!" yelled my girlfriends. My response: "Do you guys know how many T-shirts with alcohol bottles I have on them?" My friends laugh and say I should write a blog about that. So be it.

The fact is that I have five alcohol T-shirts. Most have bright colors, and all have never seen the light of day. With a reputation for drinking and partying already, I'd say that wearing a shirt in public with a big bottle of vodka on it would make people believe I was a borderline alcoholic. That's the downside of writing a nightlife blog—when that's all people see, it's all they think you do.

So, at the point where my alcohol T-shirt supply is peaking higher than my actual alcohol tolerance, I have decided to transition my online column to a broader entertainment subject matter. Expect to see art, theater, film and dance coverage in addition to my occasional nightlife anecdotes—because I can never pass up sharing a good story. I love the arts as much as I love nightlife, and I hope you’ll have as much fun with it as I will.


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