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2018 Top Doctors: David S. Chou, M.D., FACS


David Chou


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Dr. David Chou is a board-certified urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.


Originally from Taiwan, Dr. Chou immigrated as a child to Minnesota. He attended the University of Michigan, then Tufts University School of Medicine. Completing his general urology residency at the George Washington University, he earned his fellowship training in prostate cancer and advanced laparoscopic, robotic, and minimally invasive surgery at the University of California, Irvine.


Dr. Chou has been practicing urology in Honolulu for 14 years and has office hours in Kaimuki, Wahiawa and ‘Ewa Beach. “My priority is to properly counsel patients to help them to make the best decisions,” says Dr. Chou. “I am humbly grateful to the patients and referring physicians who entrust me with their urologic care.”


Advice on lowering risk for kidney stones:

Kidney stones, hard mineral deposits that form inside the kidney or urinary tract, afflict about 1 in 20 people. Certain medical conditions, such as gout, increase susceptibility. While generally non-life-threatening and eventually passing through the system, patients often experience acute pain and stone removal is sometimes needed. Prevention depends partly on the particular stone type. Dehydration plays a major role in all types of kidney stones formation. Staying well-hydrated and avoiding a high salt diet can help lower risk. Lemon juice added to water offers added benefit.


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