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5 Honolulu Chefs Answer One Essential Question: “What’s in Your Fridge?”

Find out what these chefs eat when they’re at home.


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Lee Anne Wong

Chef/partner, Koko Head Café

“I try not to eat a ton of meat at home. I have to engage in the bacon game at work, so I gained 20 pounds since I moved to Hawai‘i, and part of it is because of the carbs. I used to be vegan four days a week in New York because it was easy. There were a ton of vegan and raw places that you could go, or I’d juice all the time, or do yoga all the time. Now that I work 16 hours a day, I don’t exercise, I eat maybe once a day. So I come home exhausted. And my boyfriend cooks for me. It’s very sweet.”

1. “I always have a supply of pa‘i‘ai and poi—that’s ulu poi. My boyfriend and I like to fry that up.”

2. “That’s lū‘au lasagna.”

3. “These are salted anchovies from Italy that Andrea from Onda Pasta brought me. And someone is bringing me more. I use those often. I don’t understand why Hawai‘i people don’t love anchovies more. It’s salty fish!”

4. “Usually I’ll make ponzu with the yuzu juice. I’ll get fresh fish, make sashimi and do a little ponzu with soy and yuzu.”

5. “I make my own chili oil and have a jar of this ready to go. It’s got Szechuan peppercorns, chilies, garlic, fermented bean paste and stuff. And peanut oil or a soybean oil.”

6. “Andrea comes to the restaurant every Saturday and he brings me gardenias and pasta. I always have Onda pasta here as an emergency quick fix.”

7. “I have a bottle of chicken schmaltz in my fridge!”

8. “I have a cheese problem. It’s all just cheese and sausage in there. I went to Seattle and brought back charcuterie.”



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