UH Superstitions

Winning requires training and preparation. But when all else fails, a little luck can’t hurt.

Bear With Us

Rainbow Wahine’s  softball outfielder/designated hitter Jenna Rodriguez discovered a stuffed mechanical toy at an airport in Boise, Idaho, shortly before the Rainbow Wahine’s improbable postseason run. “We named her Mary, and she sat in our dugout at every game,” Rodriguez recalls. “She even got some ESPN time!” In the Super Regional Final against Alabama, with the stuffed toy looking on from the bench, Rodriguez blasted the game-winning home run that sent Hawaii to its first-ever College World Series.

A Sleeper Hit

Former UH running back Nate Ilaoa followed a pair of pregame rituals: He always wore low socks, and he made a point to nap on the bus ride on the way to every home game. “I never remember anything from any of the bus rides,” Ilaoa says. “I always woke up after the bus arrived at the stadium.”

Potty Power

Even fans can bring the mojo. “The week before a game, I don’t wear the color or any version of the color of the opposing team,” says UH super fan Staci Fong. “I also have a good luck [restroom] stall at the Stan Sheriff.”