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...on contenders to the throne, animal investigators and nude beaches.


July issue

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"Contenders to the Throne," November 2009

Senior editor Michael Keany interviewed local groups who are operating their own functional Hawaiian governments—kings, queens and ministers of the interior.

“As you love your country, I love mine. If someone stole your country, wouldn’t you want it back?”

Photo: istock

"The Investigator," August 2010

Assistant editor Tiffany Hill rode along with one of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s animal investigators.

I don’t understand why HHS cannot do anything about the dog chaining problem on the North Shore/Waianae/Wahiawa areas of Oahu. Up to five dogs have been seen per household tied up in their yards with little or no shelter from the heat. I’ve seen a dog sitting in his dog house; the dog house was missing its roof and the sun was beating down on the dog...hmm. 

"Naked Ambition," July 2010

In her Afterthoughts column, Kathryn Drury Wagner wonders why, unlike many states, Hawaii has no legal nude beaches.

 I thoroughly agree!  And as far as I know, the Native Hawaiians had a much healthier and open experience of nudity when swimming and surfing. Can we add that to the Akaka Bill?  

Wonderfully reasoned article.  There are many more clothing-optional beaches on the Mainland. Baker Beach in San Francisco, most of the beaches on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, Bonny Doon beach near Santa Cruz, Calif.,  etc.

 "Best of Honolulu," March 2010.

 In our annual Best of Honolulu issue, Just Tacos won the category of best tequila bar.

“The best tequila and margaritas on the island and the food is to die for, the service is perfect.”

Ahana Koko lele
In the “10 Places You Can’t Go” feature in the August issue: the tanks of the Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility are constructed from reinforced concrete, not steel. In the photo essay “Realm of Air & Water,” the region name is the "Northwestern Hawaiian Islands" instead of "Northwest Hawaiian Islands."



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