It's Never Too Late

Illustration: Jing Jing Tsong


What happens when you’ve missed the regular deadlines?

So you’ve missed the deadline to apply to a private school. Maybe you’re a military family and you’ve transferred to the Islands and arrived after a school’s application deadline. Is all hope lost? In this economy, the answer is, probably not. While some schools adhere to strict deadlines, many schools allow students to apply throughout the year (in what is known as rolling admissions) as long as space is available.

The economy plays an important role in private school enrollment, says HAIS executive director Robert Witt, which means that schools may have more slots available for rolling admissions.

What should you do if you’ve missed the deadline?

“Definitely call the school’s admissions office,” says Maryknoll admissions director Lori Carlos. “Depending on what grade your child applies to, there may be some space left so it’s always worth checking. And if you’ve missed the deadline due to special circumstances, say you just moved to the island, don’t be shy to explain your situation to the admissions office.”