Punahou School

1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-3336, (808) 944-5714, www.punahou.edu

Photos: Courtesy of Punahou School

Engaging children of promise in a learning environment dedicated to their self-discovery and growth has been the mission at Punahou School for over 165 years. Founded by Christian missionaries on grounds gifted by Hawaiian ali’i, Punahou now welcomes 3,760 students in Kindergarten to grade 12 each year. What began as a dream to educate children to become “useful citizens” continues to focus on children’s development as individuals and as community members who will lead lives of purpose and fulfillment.

Implicit in the mission is a passionate dedication to the individual child. Through exceptionally diverse curricular and co-curricular choices, students are encouraged to uncover their talents and passions and become advocates for their own learning. As independent learners, students develop thoughtful judgment and refine their creativity through unparalleled opportunities and learn to value teamwork and collaboration

Punahou continually strives to serve the community of Hawai‘i. Offering admission to students of promise, the school seeks to enroll an ethnically and socio-economically diverse student body, valuing promise in academics, artistic ability, athletic prowess and social leadership, among others. Through the generosity of the school community, extensive resources are dedicated to ensuring that children admitted to Punahou can attend regardless of their financial circumstance. At the same time, teachers and curricular resources support students to manage the rigor and opportunity of the Punahou experience.

Throughout the Junior School, grades K – 8, the curriculum extends beyond math, science, social studies and language arts. Each student participates in art, music and PE classes, performs in chapel and the classroom, investigates global cultures and explores service activities. Students in grades 6-8 thrive in an environment tailored for the unique developmental needs of their age group.

Entering the Academy, grades 9 – 12, students encounter an ever-broadening range of opportunities as they are encouraged to refine their own interests through elective classes, Advanced Placement programs and co-curricular choices. Punahou’s distinctive schedule motivates students to utilize free time for consulting and collaborating with teachers and classmates and challenges them to become managers of their own education.

James K. Scott

In the classroom or the studio, through nationally-honored performing arts or an athletic program that Sports Illustrated ranks the best in the nation, Punahou nurtures compassion, creativity, independence and interdependence in its students.

 Punahou alumni around the globe lead extraordinarily varied lives. They remain connected to Punahou, returning to celebrate school traditions and to sustain their relationships within the school community. President Jim Scott, himself an alumnus of Punahou, defines the hope and aspiration for a Punahou education: “When children are well prepared, confident, creative and compassionate, they can improve the world. No matter where our graduates go, it is their unique Hawaiian and Punahou experience that becomes a lasting and influential part of their soul and their worldview.”