Maryknoll School

1526 Alexander Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, (808) 952-7330,

Every student can make lasting contributions to society is how every child is welcomed at Maryknoll School, Hawaii’s only co-ed Catholic school from grades pre-K to 12. Founded on Catholic values and open to everyone, the 81-year-old school is committed to developing the gifts all students bring to their education by providing a quality education that develops the whole child through cultivation of knowledge, self-discipline, creativity, spiritual and physical growth.

“What impresses me about Maryknoll is how all members of the school community – students, teachers, parents, administrators and Board members – are dedicated to advancing the school’s legacy of educational excellence to prepare young people for the challenges of their future,” says new President Perry Martin.

Maryknoll has high expectations of its students to master a challenging core curriculum, while learning to see the big picture, analyze complex issues, relate multi-disciplinary knowledge, and collaborate in teams – all authentic and desirable workplace skills. Science labs, art studios, sports facilities and technology (beginning in elementary school) stimulate students’ personal interests and improve their skills for college and beyond. The school’s Habits of the Mind, Heart and Community, based on religious principles, encourage creative thinking, awareness of social injustice and contributing to community betterment.

With scholastic achievement and personal development equally important values, the school has created a small, safe and caring student-first environment where dedicated teachers can know each student’s individual strengths and challenges. Lifelong learning for teachers through professional development is also valued at Maryknoll and has resulted in nationally recognized and award-winning instructors.


“Maryknoll’s acceptance as Hawaii’s leading member of the Coalition of Essential Schools whose prestigious national program aims to empower student responsibility for their learning and increase student achievement speaks volumes of the caliber of our learning environment,” says Martin. The school received full accreditation in 2008 from WASC, HAIS and WCEA (Western Catholic Educational Association).

Community service, a cornerstone of a Maryknoll education, rises from the Scriptures and is embodied in its motto of Noblesse Oblige – “to whom much is given; much is expected.” Giving back begins early with pre-K and kindergarten students creating place mats for the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving Dinner – the first school to participate in making place mats for this special event. A Middle School service learning project to clean cemeteries relates to a Spanish class’ cultural lesson on the Day of Dead. Twelve select high schoolers teach summer session and volunteer their labor at a Catholic high school on Majuro Island.

In 2008, Maryknoll’s first school wide Service Day showcased students’ diverse community projects, including volunteering at Makiki Library, and teaching country line dancing to senior citizens, among others.

Perry Martin

 This spring, the much anticipated Maryknoll Community Center opens to enable its entire student body of 1,390 students to gather for performances, assemblies and religious celebrations. The Center’s meeting rooms and gymnasium will become a hub for gatherings of the extended school family.

“Maryknoll values students’ minds, hearts and the positive impact they can make on the community. Students don’t just gain knowledge here, they thrive to become compassionate citizens,” says Martin.