Iolani School

563 Kamoku Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826, (808) 943-2222,

Photos: courtesy of Iolani School

Renowned for its exceptional college prep curriculum,its outstanding athletic and arts programs and its vibrant school environment, Iolani School is equally proud of its “One Team” motto. Expanding the reach of “One Team,” students, together with their teachers, embrace local and world communities as they tackle meaningful service learning and community service projects.

Encouraging students to see themselves as part of something larger can take many forms. To increase awareness of the genocide in Darfur, a high school Contemporary Issues class sold student made t-shirts, organized lunch concerts, produced a video and attracted a matching donor to raise $10,000 for “Dollars for Darfur.” Middle school students, inspired by the Invisible Children project, held bake sales and created a video to save waraffected Ugandan children.

Closer to home, second graders teamed with high school students to interview 100th Battalion Nisei veterans to capture their experiences during World War II. To the delight of the veterans, these student-created essays will be featured in the Go for Broke National Education Center.  Tennis coach and role model, Allison Ishii, organized fundraisers for a cancer stricken student, and this summer she will spearhead a student service abroad project in orphanages in tsunami ravaged Thailand. Allison, a 2002 Iolani grad was recognized nationally by USA Today as one of the top ten “Most Caring Coaches.” In serving others, Iolani students gain insight into their own personal values, moral integrity and compassion.

"These simple, but powerful elements for a child’s growth and development can be challenging to foster in these times. We are blessed with good children and we strive for a learning environment that supports students to be informed, productive and compassionate citizens,” says Headmaster Val Iwashita.