Hongwanji Mission- Pacific Buddhist Academy

1728 Pali Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, (808) 532-0522  www.hongwanjihi.org

1710 Pali Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, (808) 532-2649 www.pacificbuddhistacademy.org

When students are academically challenged, personally nurtured, and spiritually awakened in a standards based learning environment, they grow beyond their limitations and are transformed.  This is the experience of students at the Hongwanji Mission School, serving pre-k-grade 8, and the Pacific Buddhist Academy, the first Buddhist affiliated high school in the U.S. Together, the two schools form a single education system that ensures continuity in educational excellence and addresses the development of the whole child.

Through an integrated curriculum and instruction and an average class size of 15:1 from preK through grade 12, students explore the adventure of experiential learning and reflective self-discovery guided by Buddhist values.

Pieper Toyama, Pacific Buddhist Academy, and Dr. Carol Riley, Hongwanji Mission School

Head of School Dr. Carol Riley says that “Hongwanji Mission School programs are set to high standards and provide broad, challenging learning experiences. Buddhist values permeate in the school where students are guided to live a life of compassion, interdependence and oneness with self, others and nature.

Community service projects enable students to show an understanding and appreciation for others. Our students gain a love of learning and a commitment to ongoing personal growth through the partnership among students, parents and teachers at Hongwanji Mission School.”

“We continue the academic rigor and the moral and spiritual values of those early grades,” adds Pieper Toyama, the Academy’s Head of School, “through a quality college prep curriculum.   Peace education is integrated into all core courses and students work collaboratively on a regular basis.  Small class sizes allow faculty to provide personalized instruction.”