Hoala School

1067 A California Avenue, Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786, (808) 621-1898, www.hoala.org


“My child now does his homework without being told.” “My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday.” “We communicate more as a family.”

These are just some of the statements we hear from families throughout the school year as students and their parents learn and experience transformation and growth through the Hoala School program.  Hoala’s program is founded on a sound philosophy of education based on the teachings of Alfred Adler that demonstrates that human beings of every age need to be listened to, taken seriously, and feel needed.   Experiences of these principles are structured into the school and teachers are trained to implement them.

Hoala’s outstanding curriculum challenges students to reach their academic potential. Community service encourages students to make a difference in the community. With career counseling beginning in the 9th grade, 100 percent of the last three graduating classes were college-bound.

“Our family has been greatly transformed to be a more positive and expressive family,” says a Hoala parent. “We are continuing to learn, grow and change with more successes.” Isn’t that what life is all about?

As students prepare to learn to live and to earn a living, Chaminade graduates are recognized for their liberal arts learning, professional career development, competency in information and communication technologies, and a life-long interest in learning, service and ethical responsibility as engaged global citizens.