Damien Memorial School

1401 Houghtailing Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817, (808) 841-0195, www.damien.edu


After opening a new middle school in 2004, more students have the opportunity to participate in this all-boys Catholic school’s compre-hensive curriculum of academics, athletics, arts and spiritual development. Now serving grades 7-12, Damien has seen a rise in its enrollment from boys and their families responding to its innovative programs and value-centered learning environment. It selects its teachers and develops its college prep curriculum focusing on the unique learning styles of boys.

Bernard Ho, President

Photographs by Karin kovalsky

 Damien offers challenging learning opportunities, including AP courses and extra-curricular activities, to meet diverse student talents and interests. Its students have been honored with  many outstanding awards in academics and athletics. With more than 90 percent of its graduates going on to college, the school’s alum-ni include a Pulitzer Prize winner and the chief administrator of NASA.