Am I too Late?

What happens when you’ve missed the regular deadlines?

So you’ve missed the deadline to apply to a private school. Maybe you’re a military family and you’ve transferred to the Islands and arrived after a school’s application deadline. Is all hope lost? Probably not. Many Hawaii private schools accept applications year-round in what is known as rolling admissions, and several schools, though it’s not often publicized, have second enrollment periods after their initial deadlines. In fact, while some schools adhere to specific deadlines, many schools allow students to apply throughout the year, admission directors say. As long as space is available, students can enroll.

“Be attentive to the application deadlines, which may sometimes change,” says Punahou’s admissions director, Betsy Hata. Not all schools have a second admissions season, and some schools may not have many openings remaining. “But when parents have missed the regular deadlines for admission,” says Hata, “it’s worth a phone call to contact the admissions directors or to come in to explain the special circumstances for a late application.”