Field Guide: Kailua

Find venues offering everything from two-step classes to vintage Hawaiiana.


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Photo: David Croxford

Morning Brew
A quaint hometown coffee shop for 14 years, Morning Brew relocated this past February, just one door down. The new venue has two levels of seating and high ceilings. Some of the regulars have complained that the store has lost its bohemian charm, but owner Peter Anderson says, “Now, it’s more spacious.” Order a “jumpstart” (a shot of espresso and coffee) to chase down one of the shop’s freshly baked toffee cream–cheese chews or a brownie bite, small enough to dip. 600 Kailua Road, 262-7770.

Photo: David Croxford


Alii Antiques of Kailua I & II
Between the towering piles of collectibles and fragile items like Murano glass sculptures, there’s barely room to walk through the aisles of Alii Antiques. Owners Charles and Linda Yeehoy had to open a second shop across the street to showcase their vintage Hawaii items, from koa furniture to full-feathered headdresses. The original location still offers an eclectic mix, from artglass to pottery, at prices that range from “What a bargain” to “Oh, my.” Two locations: 9-A and 21 Maluniu Ave., 261-1705. 


Photo: David Croxford


Kalapawai Cafe

A longtime Kailua institution, Kalapawai Market became so popular that it added a second location two years ago—a café and deli featuring signature dishes like the Kalapawai Veggie Pizza, made with a sundried-tomato pesto base. Every second Sunday of the month, the café holds a free wine-tasting as part of the monthly Second Sunday Kailua Walkabout. Take home a bottle of your favorite red and pick up some locally made gifts, like handmade earrings or a blown-glass vase. 262-3354, 750 Kailua Road.


4. Eco Baby Shopping

Little Sprouts, opened in Kailua on Aug. 15. The store features 80-percent organic merchandise designed for both keiki and Mommy—ecofriendly shoes, recycled book bags, organic teddy bears and PBC-free bottles. 629A Kailua Road, Suite 111.



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